Architecture & Fittings

The 15th Century ‘Jesse’ window on the East wall is one of only 9 in England and commemorates the direct descent of Christ from David. Although much restored, it is attributed most likely to John Prudde the King’s Glazier of around 1450-60.

The 15th Century Brasses to the left of the Altar are of a local resident Robert Gedge and his family. Whilst the face of the man in armour is missing, uniquely the other faces are shown in profile.

The Stuart period Memorial above the North Door, is dedicated to a local Family the ‘Tanfields’. It was moved from its original position near the East Window in 1870.

The Stone Reredos with alabaster & stone figures depicts the feeding of the multitude. It dates from 1877/78 and now boasts tasteful rear lighting. The figures include St Margaret the churches Patron Saint.

There are Four Funeral Hatchments dating from 17th-19th Century and relating to Essex families, hanging on the South wall.
The much defaced 13th Century stone slab (thought to be a coffin lid) set into the floor of the South Aisle bears the name of Godfrey de Fristling, a local landowner.

The 15th Century Timber Framed Tower contains 4 pre-reformation Bells dated from 1392 - 1558. A fifth Bell was added in 1996.

The Font is 15th Century, made of stone and of an Octagonal design. Each panel comprises a different symbol notably:
Mitre; square and compasses; acorns; a face with a protruding tongue; leaves; a rose leaf and crown.

On the West wall, a tablet of oak shows the ‘List of Vicars’ of Margaretting, beginning with John Gybon, who was presented by the Prior and Convent of Blackmore in 1328. Before that date, the Priest of the Church was called Rector but it became common in the Middle Ages for ‘Religious Houses’ to “appropriate” the revenue and appoint a deputy (a Vicar).

This beautiful House of Prayer of St. Margaret of Antioch, is worth a visit. There are details in the car park and on the church notice board, as to how the key may be obtained. Dwell awhile within its walls; within its peace and loveliness and add your thoughts and prayers to those who over the centuries have offered theirs. Then with God’s Blessing, move on refreshed and renewed.